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Our Services.

Designed to meet your evolving workforce needs

By partnering with Hire Choice, you are choosing a higher quality of service for your recruitment needs.

Our team of highly skilled Recruitment Specialists are experts in their field of service. We have the professional networks and contacts to source top talent across a number of functions and industries and ensure we find the best fit for your direct hire or contract position.

Our Services

Direct Hire

When you need to fill a permanent position with your company, we have the experience and the tools to connect with wide range of top candidates, including those passive job seekers just waiting to be presented with your opportunity.


Bringing someone into your company on a contract-to-hire basis gives you the opportunity to observe and assess their skills and abilities, as well as how they fit with your team and culture, with the option to hire the person to your full time staff upon completion of the contact term.

Contract & Project Teams

When you need extra hands to adjust to an increase in business, or you require a specific skill set for a particular project, we can provide your company with the people you require for the project term or on a contract basis to fill your changing needs.

Background Verification

Working with BackCheck™, we conduct full reference and background checks on every candidate we place. You can select our standard reference package (includes employment references, criminal record and credit check) or choose from additional options to suit your requirements.

Payroll Services

We are pleased to provide our payroll services to companies who have sourced their own candidates but for one reason or another cannot bring them onto your own payroll. We can assume all payroll duties and administration when your company cannot.

Managed Solutions

If the needs of your company are greater than recruitment only, we offer a number of solutions to meet your requirements. Talk to us today about Onsite Management, Managed Service Provider (MSP), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and Human Resources Consulting.


We want to understand who you are seeking by learning about your company and your culture.


Using a variety of search channels, we will source candidates for your review and consideration.


Based on your feedback we arrange interviews, conduct references and background checks.


You choose the best candidate for your position and offer employment with your company.


At Hire Choice, we believe that recruitment is all about making connections, and at the heart of those connections are the people that we work with. We aim to connect employees with employers, talent with opportunity. To facilitate this, we work to connect with our candidates and clients as individuals and to understand who you are and what you are looking for in your career or as an employer.

By achieving an understanding of the goals and ambitions of our candidates and clients we are in the best position to ensure that the connections we make will be long lasting, successful, and realizing the goals of each stakeholder in the recruitment process. Our methodology is simple – we try to learn and understand who you are and what you want and create a connection between employees and employers, between talent and opportunity, and between you and Hire Choice.

Why Choose Us?

  • Skilled Team of Recruitment Specialists
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Connected to Top Talent
  • Experienced with Many Industries
  • Professional in Everything We Do
  • Experts in Connecting Talent with Opportunity

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